New Improved Diddy Dribblers Membership

19th Jan 2017

Over the past few months we have been reviewing the way in which we run Diddy Dribblers® to see how we can improve all aspects of our services.

As of Wednesday 1st February 2017 the following changes will take place:

• Payments will no longer be taken by monthly standing order

• Instead, sessions must be purchased via in blocks of 6 sessions

• There will be a maximum of 12 spaces available at each session, which we believe is the optimal coach-child ratio for this age range. Sessions will also be age specific (where numbers are high enough), making it easier for our staff and more enjoyable for each group

• Existing members will be given the opportunity to book spaces first, with a reminder email sent on week 4 to give you priority re-enrolment for the following block of sessions

• Once sessions are full, a waiting list will be created and should you not wish to re-enrol, your space will be offered to a member on the list

• The 10% sibling discount will still be applicable if booking more than one child

• If you are unable to make it one week, send us a text/email and that session will be rolled over so you don’t miss out. Please note that if we do not receive a text/email the session missed will be lost

• At the end of every session a certificate will be awarded to the Diddy Dribbler® of the week. Certificates can be awarded for a number of different reasons such as good listening, being brave or scoring a good goal

• We will be adding sessions for children who start school, which they can attend up until their 7th birthday. This will provide more longevity for your child and allow us to develop their skills further

• You will also continue to receive a 15% discount off your child’s birthday party should you choose to book it through Diddy Dribblers®