Introducing Diddy Dribblers Loyalty Cards

9th Jun 2015

loyalty card 1 loyalty card 2

Check out the new Diddy Dribblers LOYALTY CARD!

These will be available from Monday 15th June with every parent receiving one at their next session.

Bring it with you each week, the coach will stamp your card, and once you’ve attended 9 sessions you will receive your 10th session FREE! (you have 12 weeks to use your ten sessions from the date of your first stamp, allowing a couple of weeks in case you cannot make a session, meaning you don’t miss out on your free week).

You can pay upfront for 9 sessions upon receipt of your Loyalty Card which will cost £36, payments in cash, cheque or via the website. Alternatively you can continue to pay £4 per session as you currently do.

We hope that through implementing the Loyalty Card numbers will become more consistent, improving the experience for every child and with the bonus of a FREE session as well!

Any questions and or feedback would be appreciated!