Reasons to be cheerful about Diddy Dribblers on..!

8th Mar 2017
Diddy Dribblers Party

For a fun, active and hassle-free party for your under five year old, a Diddy Dribblers party is perfect!

Here’s why….

  1. You can choose a venue nearby and we’ll come to you – maybe your local village hall, or church hall – for example, the Memorial Hall in Hurst Green, Clitheroe. Alternatively, we’ll do all we can to help you find a suitable venue.
  2. You get a lovely member of the Diddy Dribblers coaching team to run the party. If you’re already a member, you’ll know that our coaches are enthusiastic and very friendly (and all FA or EUFA trained) – they will create lots of fun football activities for the hour with every child included.

    Zac's Diddy Dribblers Party

    Zac’s party line-up with Diddy Dribblers coach Ryan

  3. There’s a Diddy Dribblers medal for every invitee and a special trophy for the birthday child!
  4. Free party bags full of great goodies for all invitees!
  5. You can bring your own food! Whether it’s hot, cold or just cake and crisps, it’s good to know what you’re giving the children to eat.
  6. It’s really good value!  Parties run for an hour and cost £90 for up to 10 children. Add more for £8 each, up to a maximum of 16 children.
  7. If your child is a Diddy Dribblers member then you get 15% discount of the total cost of your party.
  8. Children love our parties and because it’s so easy… you will too!



To book a party or for more info, please use our contact form, or call 01254 366316.