Diddy Dribblers Academy! The next step…

26th May 2017

We are so excited to now be announcing Diddy Dribblers Academy, which has been created to provide a clear pathway for our young Diddy Dribblers, providing fun football coaching from age 2-11.


We’ve often been asked by parents of children coming up to 5 years old, “What’s next? Does Diddy Dribblers have any follow-on sessions for my child now that they’ve started school?”

Our sister company, Pro Sport Coaching, works with Primary school children, both in schools and in our popular Holiday Sports Clubs and we have over ten years experience of providing high-quality football and sports coaching with the same skill and enthusiasm as you may have seen during Diddy Dribblers sessions.

Diddy Dribblers Academy will further develop and enhance your child’s football skills in a challenging and fun environment, enabling each child to express themselves and enjoy the beautiful game.

Our goal is to create Diddy Dribblers FC, playing competitive fixtures against local teams to go alongside the high-quality training we provide. 

For more info or to book a free taster session, call us on 01254 366316 or visit Diddy Dribblers Sessions and Venues to view sessions and to join Diddy Dribblers.